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Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors

You Want Dependable Protection

Epoxy floor coatings give concrete flooring in homes and commercial properties a long-lasting toughness that will extend the material’s useful life and, as a result, lower its total cost of ownership. These coatings add a durable, hard-wearing, protective finish to your patio, in your garage, in your basement, or throughout your warehouse.

Make It Look Great

Great looks and protection in the same product? Absolutely. Just because you’re getting industrial protection, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an industrial look. Fresh Coat of Portland team will work with you to create custom colors and decorative features so that your epoxy floors will look as great as they perform. We even offer repair for older coatings that need to be revived.

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Why is Fresh Coat of Portland the Best Choice for Epoxy Floors?

  • We can handle any project:
    • Garage and basement floors
    • Concrete patios and porches
    • Warehouses and industrial spaces
  • Affordable pricing - we accept all major credit cards
  • Our painters are bonded and insured
  • We use quality Sherwin-Williams products